About Vintage Card and Button Art

I have been causing a whirl with my fames pieces now for just over a year and I’m delighted with the reaction and comments I have had from both new and return customers. I take so much pride in my work that sometimes I’ve been called for it. I can’t stand a wonky line! This all comes from my training at school in Art and Fashion, further training at college in Fashion Design and also my unrepentant need for order and correctness. My Art/Fashion studies saw me whiling away my time (silly o’clock in the morning usually) ensuring that lines were cut/fixed straight and edges and hems were perfect.
Sometimes therefore I’m my own worst enemy but that’s just the way I am.

I am inspired by old, vintage, retro and antique. I love watching programmes about upcycling, recycling and great finds from skips. Talking of skips….I am starting to look out for skips in the streets, what has become of me when I have the need to rummage through someone else’s trash? Although I now know where my Dad has ‘acquired’ a lot of his beautiful pieces of furniture.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, well the same goes for women!

I love mixing old and new, I love making old into new and I love making new uses for old.
You will know by now that I source all my pieces personally, I’m forever looking out for chances to buy accessories to create new ideas.

Vintagecardnbuttonart is based in my home in North Tyneside and is growing in strength at a pace I am very happy with. I have redesigned the ground floor to accommodate my business needs and I am pushing for an extention but it’s falling on deaf ears at the mo! So many friends have offered to leave work to spend time forming vintage buttons into the shape of hearts and arrange vintage cards into words and slogans, although I know I’m not there yet!!!!

Here’s to the future, you never know.