I’ve just been to the most beautiful wedding .My friend Rachel and her beau, James got married on Friday in the bride’s family church in Belfast. Whilst sitting in the quiet church awaiting the brides arrival I had time for a few moments of life contemplation. You don’t very often get time to stay still and think, time to breathe time to reminisce, you remember loved ones, you think about life and its most important things.

Sitting there the only thing that kept bringing me back to the here and now was the smell of the wedding flowers, it was absolutely beautiful. The arrangements were huge but not ostentatious, the colours were stunning yet simple yet the fragrance was so strong it was almost enchanting! I won’t ever forget that. Your sense of smell can be so strong and can catapult you to another place and time.

Within the arrangement the bride had purples, ivory’s, lilac’s and pale pinks. There were lilies, stocks and roses. I love stocks, the fragrance is divine. The wedding was in Belfast and I was away for a long weekend, so now that I’m home I have been out into my garden, cut some fresh lavender and placed them around the house. I have cut some really short and stacked them into a mini milk bottle and put it on my fire place. I can’t remember ever cutting my own flowers before to put them in vases but I’m hoping that it will create a lovely aroma, especially because lavender is so calming and relaxing.

I’ve taken a photo of some of my frames alongside the mini milk bottle and it looks really good actually. It’s definitely something that I’ll do again, a little of the outside brought in. Why should the fragrance be confined to the garden?