So! I was looking around the fabric shop for some felt to make felt hearts (as you do) and waiting for me on the counter was this fabulous fabric. I say it was waiting for me because the guys in the shop had just unpacked it from a delivery and hadn’t had the chance to put it out for sale yet, I think that’s called fate. The moment I saw it I knew what I could do with it……..make bunting.

Now, I’m a little bit of a bunting babe! I’ve made various colour buntings for various birthdays and school fetes but they’ve only been made out of card/paper. The last bunting I made carefully wandered through the colour spectrum in colour and shade order (!) Therefore this bunting bale is very very special. Not only is it made out of fabric but this fabric is printed with vintage maps of the world. Like I said, very very special. OMG, I couldn’t resist and found myself ordering and paying for a metre before I knew it and almost skipping out to the car. Excited I was.

After strategically placing and cutting my bunting templates from the fabric so that I was using the print to its best, I joined them with some cream bias binding using my daughter’s bright red sewing machine (clever Christmas present) and abracadabra my vintage map bunting was born! Can’t wait to use it to decorate my upcoming stalls.