So! Do you know what the new black is? Grey!!!!!

Please don’t scream, I am in love with grey, have been for a while now. Grey marl, dark grey, petrol grey, polished pebble, elephants breath…….in fact…any shade of grey, fifty shades of grey even!!!!! My new neighbours have just moved in and their four dogs are actually lovely shades of varying greys!!!

I’ve even redecorated recently, guess what colour? Yes, grey Teamed with lots of colour or subtly matched with black and white or sepia I think. Sorry to ramble on but like I say, I’m love with it. I remember when I was a budding teenage artist, I was always drawing a Pop Star or two in lead pencil with shading for depth and dimension ( amongst my favourite pieces were Michael Jackson and Denise Pearson from Five Star) . I remember I used to lye the pencils out in various degrees of hardness, B, 2B, H, 4B. Of course they always had to be in correct sequence, although back then we didn’t talk about OCD!!!!

Oh, desperately need to find those drawings now, a trip to my parents loft might be in order!!!! I like grey pebbles from the beach, grey wood wash on vintage furniture, mens tight grey shinny suits (sorry, did I say that out loud). My car is even grey, well, silver! Along with millions of other cars I know, but grey all the same. Although I recently learned that grey and silver both appear in the top 5 car colours within the uk and make up around 35% of the car sales market. Put that in your pipe and smoke it………smoke is grey too! Oooh, smokey grey, nice. So let me hear you chant…. “Grey is here to stay, Grey all the way” “Grey, Grey, Grey”

I Wonder what the new Grey will be?????