OMG!!! I can hardly believe the sights I found before my very eyes when I visited the long awaited for ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of a shop today. You know when you’re not quite sure which way to turn when you’re surrounded by things on top of things??? Well, that’s how I felt today in my new ‘favourite’ shop. I was so overwhelmed by the objects in my line of sight that I think I started to panic, in case I missed anything.

Silly I know but I’m telling you, my heart rate increased. I feel so lucky to have spent the last hour browsing and dreaming, vintage and retro heaven!!!! Couldn’t help but reminisce too, took my Dad and boy was he reminiscing too! Things from his childhood and items he remembers from being in my Grandma and Granddad’s house. My big bro was quite taken by the old school folding benches and antique tennis rackets (he was a bit of a tennis player at school).

Bought two beautiful retro stools (beautiful in my eyes anyway), 2 antique wooden darning mushrooms and a pack of playing cards that I use for my frames!!! Wow, what success. Almost itching to go back. Got big ‘shabby chic’ plans for the stools (will have to remember to take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos) and no plans for the wooden mushrooms apart from admiring them on my bookcase alongside my vintage button tin.