Writing a blog for my new Vintage Art business is a little daunting! I am so excited about launching this business that I almost have to pinch myself. Little old me, a web site of my own!!!! Really? But then again, why the hell not? So, where did it all start?

Well, it was only about a year ago when vintage started to speak to me, I have no idea why, although I know that what I like about vintage things are the stories behind the objects. Yes I’m a naturally inquisitive person (nosey).

Ok, so somehow vintage has found me and wrapped its red painted nails around me and given me a squeeze. I would describe myself as a very tactile person, I know for a fact that I learn through a kinaesthetic method and like visually stimulating and pleasing things. ARTY-FARTY? Yes!!!! From the onslaught of option choices at high school I was on a slippery path of art and fashion. Gaining a selection of qualifications in art and fashion throughout my educational years and eventually putting them to good use when i dabbled in window design and then when I got my first job designing ladies wear for a major brand.

I love textiles, particularly natural fabrics such as leather, cotton, suede. More rustic fabrics such as jute, hessian and twine interest me too. Mixing new and old is great too, don’t follow the crowd-stand out for your positive differences. I love the workings of old machines, the mechanical cogs, wheels, spinners. The hand worked machinery which kept our mills spinning when fabric innovation was at its very peak. I appreciate the quality of wood and what it can be transformed into, it’s beauty and function, actually that’s what I admire about many sources, their function and natural beauty. This appreciation probably comes from being surrounded by wood all my life (my dad being a carpenter), loving the smell of sawdust and paint from the garage!!!

All my life I have enjoyed having card, paper, pens and pencils and I can often while away some time through doodling and drawing. Nothing of any skill may I add, but its comfort to me! Oh, I haven’t yet mentioned my passion for a button or two. Any shape, colour, style. I like mother of pearl buttons, wooden buttons and Bakelite/plastic buttons. Two hole, four hole or even a toggle or two I don’t mind. I like the feel and sound of a jar full of buttons and I have a little collection which I admit am quite attached to, please don’t pity me!!!!! I know there are other button lovers out there, I’ve spoken to at least 2!

I find myself trawling the web for vintage ‘things’, sometimes anything! I admire used and worn, torn and battered and love the thought of up cycling. Taking objects that were on their way to the incinerator that can be saved from their impending fate and used for a different purpose. This purpose is usually something quite creative and interesting. I love to trawl through flea markets, charity shops, vintage fairs and reclamation yards. I can usually be found at Tynemouth Station Market trying to find a bargain or two, admiring all things retro!