Well I’m unsure if it’s my age or my tastes changing but I’m really loving ‘rooting around’. It’s probably the smell of a bargain encouraging me to do it so much. I’m now not only rooting around in shops, charity shops and on-line for bargains I’ve moved onto rooting around towns for new shops, charity shops and unusual outlets!

Got Wallsend covered, North Shields too and Whitley Bay. My new conquests are Morpeth and Byker and Gosforth! I can’t possibly tell you any more, it’s a secret! I quite like an auction or two as well so I’m spending time ‘rooting around’ their lots, peering into old banana or wine boxes which have just come from a house clearances.

My latest purchase was an old wine box stuffed with Vintage Maps, 70 in total, half of which cover the entire land of France and the other half show signs of a keen walker and consist of the Lake District and Scottish Highlands.

I was delighted to say the least when I found out I won that lot as I wasn’t even at the Auction on the day and left my very first commission with the Auctioneer the day before. OOOH, feel all grown up now! Anyway can’t stop, got a bargain to catch!